Marilyn Kirwan Gallagher

Marilyn Kirwan Gallagher

  • Class of 1956
  • St. Teresa of Avila  (Closed)
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Diocese of Brooklyn

My love of learning began at St. Teresa of Avila Girls’ School, on Sterling Place in Brooklyn.  The boys went to school a block away on St. John’s Place.  I could not know at the time I graduated in 1956, what an influence that education and that parish would have on my life.

The education that began at St. Teresa’s led me to Bishop McDonnell High School and then Brooklyn College, where I finished my Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology.  Several years later, I was a speech therapist in both the boys’ and the girls’ schools, where a new group of immigrants had been welcomed.

My seventh grade teacher told us that it was not too early to pray to St. Ann for a good husband.  We all prayed, and my prayers were answered when I met my future husband years later at the home of a St. Teresa’s classmate.  He had graduated from the boys’ school.  We married in St. Teresa’s Church, with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Tully, my favorite parish priest.  He became my lifelong friend, baptized our three children, and never forgot my birthday.

The three girls who walked to St. Teresa’s school with me each day are my dearest friends to this day.  We’re the “Golden Girls” now, and spend lots of time together.  St. Teresa’s has an active alumni association that publishes a newsletter several times a year, has an annual picnic and golf outing, and the occasional dinner dance.  These keep us all in each other’s lives.  There’s an annual trip too, this year a river cruise up the Seine.  I’ll be aboard with my husband and many friends from the old days.  We’ll be laughing and telling stories and having a great time together.  We always do.

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